Who we are

Enviro Framing Systems was born in 2008, originating from the company Minnis & Samson, which was first established in Brisbane, Australia in 1914.

It is firmly rooted in a long tradition of fine metal craftsmanship as designers, innovators and manufacturers of desks, tables, workstations, boardroom tables and architectural art pieces. In its early years, Minnis & Samson produced chrome bumper bars for the Ford and Holden motor companies. It also had its own brand of metal furniture called Samsoncraft. Occasionally some of these early pieces resurface for repairs – after more than 30 years of service!

Out of this wealth of experience and the challenges faced in steel manufacturing, Enviro Framing Systems was founded.

Our mission

The Enviro Invention was born out of looking for solutions to the issues we had when manufacturing metal frames for our clients. Finding skilled welders and retaining them, products needing to be reworked when quality standards were not met, needing welding jigs for every product, relying on external powder coaters all added to our frustration internally, and then externally, his increased lead times for our clients.

Enviro Framing Systems eliminated welding from the fabrication process, thus the need for skilled labor, using pre-finished material, there was no need for external powder coaters and this gave us control over our lead times. This process is much faster than welding so we reduced our labor costs dramatically.

Our first manufacturing licensee was initially our biggest customer – when they saw how easy it was they bought the system and started making the frames themselves. That is when we started focusing on establishing manufacturing licensees.

We now have a growing network of manufacturing licensees in Australia, New Zealand, North America, The United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Enviro Framing Systems products are used in a wide range of applications including the commercial, contract, educational, hospitality, medical and residential markets.