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  • Can Enviro Framing Systems products be manufactured locally?

    Yes – In each country that Enviro Framing Systems products are manufactured – the raw materials and the labor are locally sourced.

  • Can unskilled labor be trained to manufacture Enviro Framing Systems products?

    Yes – Another great advantage of the Enviro Framing System is the speed at which an unskilled person can be trained. In our experience trainees quickly grasp the assembly process and can be rapidly producing frames within a couple of hours of training.

  • Does Enviro Framing Systems eliminate welding from the manufacturing process?

    Yes – Welding is eliminated from the manufacturing process – no sparks, no fire risk, no welding gases. This is a clean and quiet manufacturing process that does not require a special separate location in your facility like a welding shop does.

  • Are small production runs still cost efficient?

    Yes – When one table or desk frame can be assembled in less than 5 minutes – small productions runs are still efficient.

  • Is this suitable for Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing?

    Yes – Enviro Framing systems has been designed for Just in Time manufacturing. Rarely do any of our licensed manufacturers carry completed goods in stock. Normally they are made just prior to shipping. This means that the raw materials can be turned into an infinite variety of products.

  • Have Enviro Framing Systems products been put to the test?

    Yes – Enviro Framing Systems products have been tested to rigorous standards set by BIFMA (USA), FIRA (UK) and AFDI (Australia and New Zealand). They have also been tested in the field in many markets and applications. Enviro products can be found in quick service restaurants, schools and universities, office buildings, hospitality venues and homes across the USA, the UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

  • Why use structural grade aluminum and not steel?

    Enviro Framing Systems was founded out of Minnis and Samson a steel fabrication company that was established in 1914. This history and understanding of the strengths and limitations of working with steel led to the selection of aluminum as the material of choice. While it is more expensive than steel, the labor component in each manufactured product is substantially lower than with comparative steel products. Aluminum is light yet strong, cleaner and easier to work with.

  • How will this help take control over our supply chain?

    By manufacturing in-house you will not be waiting on imported shipping containers to fulfill your supply needs. You can have more control over your destiny and ability to win, supply and deliver projects while your competitors are still waiting on their orders to be shipped.

  • Is the Enviro Framings Systems assembly process safe?

    Yes – Worker safety is paramount and part of every consideration when designing our manufacturing equipment and processes. Unlike welding there is no fire risk, burn risk, health risk from welding gases, or risk of eye injury due to welding flash.

    The Enviro system is quiet, clean and safe.

  • Is full training and equipment provided to new manufacturing licensees?

    Yes – We supply a specialized machine and can advise on the best work flows for efficient production. We can have you up and running with trained staff very quickly.