Our manufacturing difference

Finding skilled people is a challenge for every business. We know this well from our own experience in metal fabrication. Even once you employ qualified welders the quality of their work can vary from day to day and job to job.

Enviro Framing Systems eliminates the need for welding, and the associated risks with fire, unhealthy fumes and the possibility of eye injury due to welding flash. For occupational health and safety reasons, welding is often quarantined to a special manufacturing area with restricted access. Staff in these areas require safety training, specialized personal safely equipment alongside the workspace safety needs.

See the difference yourself

The manufacturing process before and after Enviro.



We are internationally tested
and recognized

Enviro Framing Systems have unique products recognized and trusted
internationally, with licensed manufacturers throughout five countries.

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What you’re ultimately saving

  • Energy


    Recycling aluminum uses only 5% of the energy needed to produce ‘fresh’ aluminum.

  • Transport


    An economical solution to transport, with lower emissions and transport costs. With aluminum being 60% lighter than steel, less energy is required for transport and logistics.

  • Emissions


    Welding is eliminated from the manufacturing process, no welding fumes or gases are emitted.