The advantages

Business continues to become more and more competitive as wholesale and retail customers demand more from their vendors.

Customers are looking for high quality sustainable products. Manufacturers are looking for advantages in every corner. The furniture market has experienced more disruption with online retail growing faster than ever predicted largely due to the global pandemic.

Large furniture companies are finding direct channels to market and furniture dealers are looking for new opportunities.

Enviro Framing Systems provides smaller manufacturers the ability to compete with larger companies. While large companies invest millions in product development over many years our product development is fast and inexpensive as it is based on a proven design and manufacturing platform.

Enviro Framing Systems tables and desks are a global product manufactured locally in five countries. This cuts down on unnecessary international shipping which helps reduce its carbon footprint.

  • Take greater control over
    your supply chain

    Supply chain issues are impacting businesses globally. Lead times are extending and the
    cost of importing is continuing to rise along with the costs of materials.

    With Enviro Framing Systems you can supply your customers in days and weeks,
    not months and months.

    While your competitors are waiting for their ship to come in – your projects can
    be delivered and invoiced.

    • control over your supply chain

      Control over your supply chain

      Products can be made in-house completely

    • rapid product development

      Rapid product development

      Tested platform allows for rapid product development, prototyping and launch

    • Flexibility within the system

      Flexibility within the system

      A broad range of custom-sized products can be made without needing special jigs

  • Save money

    Often the longer you have a project running the less profitable it becomes. The ability to win and
    efficiently deliver projects on time can directly improve your bottom line.

    • Low labor costs

      Low labor costs

      Unskilled labor can be quickly trained to be productive

    • No need for international shipping

      No need for international shipping

      All materials can be sourced locally

    • Small production runs

      Small production runs

      Small production runs are cost efficient

  • Lower your carbon footprint

    Manufacturers and consumers alike want to tread more lightly and lower their carbon footprint. Enviro Framing Systems encourages this in its ability to be locally produced with lower emissions, cleaner, recyclable processes and materials.

    • Aluminium is 100% Recyclable

      Aluminum is 100% Recyclable

      Enviro Framing Systems meets the requirements for ANSI /BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability

    • no welding

      No welding

      Safer, cleaner process, lower insurance premiums

    • Just in Time Manufacturing

      Just in Time Manufacturing

      Reduces the need to hold a large stock of completed products

  • Use a patented system that works

    Enviro Framing Systems Licensees have access to a patented system that gives them a competitive manufacturing advantage. Local manufacturing using local labor and materials builds the local economy and supports community growth.

    • local manufacturing

      Local manufacturing

      Creates local jobs and builds the community

    • Internationally approved

      Internationally approved

      Tested to international standards by BIFMA, FIRA & AFRDI

    • Patented system

      Patented system

      Competitive advantage in the market

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