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"In a 6 hour shift, one person can now produce 4 times more product - it's a game changer."

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"We used to buy in our metal table frames, because we did not have a metal shop. With Enviro Framing Systems we have been able to train our existing staff in two days to make our Frames. No welding means we have no fire risk and lower insurance premiums and the assembly machine can be in the same space as our other machinery." 

We had trouble getting reliable skilled welders and robotic welders are really expensive. We were using external powder coaters and that was an uncontrollable element in our lead times. The Enviro System solved these issues for us. We no longer require skilled labor, the process means we use pre-painted materials, giving us complete control over our production and ability to supply.

"The flexibility of Enviro means we can make a large range of products quickly and don't need to have a heavy inventory of finished goods. Small production runs are are efficient and economical. Customization is easy - we used to have a welding jig for every product and now we don't even need to weld. The product is very strong and allows us to make more flat packed desks and tables in less time."


Enviro Framing Systems™ is an internationally recognised unique, patented product and manufacturing process which brings together the best of fine metal craftsmanship, flexibility in design, modern technology and environmental responsibility.


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