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Enviro Framing Systems™ products are environmentally-friendly with a low carbon footprint

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The Enviro Framing Systems products are proudly developed with structural grade Aluminum extrusions to ensure strength, quality and durability. Aluminum is 100% recyclable. In fact, almost 70% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.  

The Aluminum Association outlines that aluminum is used in applications where strength and durability is essential. 

"Aluminum is used by the U.S. military & NASA to build structures capable of thriving in some the the harshest conditions imaginable."(The Aluminum Association, 2019)


Recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy needed to produce "fresh" aluminium


An economical solution to transport, with lower emissions and transport costs. With aluminium being 60% lighter than steel, less energy is required for transport & logistics


Welding is eliminated from the manufacturing process, with our severe commercial patented system. 

No welding fumes or gasses emitted. 


green star rating

Enviro is a sustainable product which has been accepted by Australia's Green Environmental Choice Association (GECA). This certification qualifies us for the Green Star Rating with the Green Building Council of Australia