If we said we could make a
ready for market in
you might not believe us.

(The truth is we can do it in 15 minutes.)

Enviro Framing Systems™ is a unique, patented product and manufacturing process for manufacturing frames for furniture and other products.


Enviro Framing Systems’ patented connection system eliminates welding from the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for skilled labour as a person can be trained to manufacture standard table and desk frames within a few hours.

Using pre powder coated aluminium the cutting and assembly process for a stand table frame takes about 15 minutes. This is a games changer for many businesses as they can manufacture just in time in small as well as large quantities.

The Enviro Framing Systems Advantage

  • Quick turn-around in Manufacturing – products can be manufactured “just in time” based on orders. A standard table frame can be made in 15 minutes, ready for market.
  • Complete customisation in any dimension
  • High Quality – All frames are made from structural aluminium extrusion to ensure maximum quality strength and durability. The patented process also ensures consistent product quality.
  • Local Manufacture – Products are manufactured locally using local labour and raw materials – you have complete control over your supply chain.
  • Occupational Health and Safety – Aluminium is 60% lighter than mild steel, reducing the potential for back injuries.
  • Revolutionary in Design – Architectural fine line design that suits any modern office environment.
  • Flexible manufacturing process – enables a wide variety of products to be produced without complex machine changes.
  • Reduced Labour requirement – the labour component of each product is lower than that of equivalent welded products which enables you to be competitive with imported products.  

The Enviro Framing Systems™ product range is as flexible as it is versatile.  Frames can be designed and constructed in a wide range of configurations and finishes to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Coupled with high-quality tops, Enviro Framing Systems™ offer an attractive, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution tailor-made to suit your needs.

Our products have been tested and exceeded the standards for BIFMA (USA) and FIRA (UK)